Thanks for visiting Butcher Block.

We've proudly served the Corolla area since 2013 and take pride in being the only butcher shop on the beach. We serve only the best in cuts and quality because we know what makes a good product. We're confident that you'll taste the difference when you shop with us.

We're not your everyday butcher shop. While our #1 priority is delivering quality product, we also value the experience. At Butcher Block you'll find knowledgeable staff, an assortment of awesome local rubs and sauces, an unforgettable sandwich menu, and ALWAYS cold craft beer on tap. Whether you live right around the corner or a thousand miles away, we hope you feel right at home.

We've been around the (butcher) block. Butcher Block is owned and operated by Johnny Davis and has been serving the Outer Banks since 2006. Johnny has worked in the grocery business since he was 10 years old and grew up spending his weekends in Nags Head. He still remembers his first $17 paycheck from his father's grocery store, and decades later he strives to bring the family-owned, small business atmosphere to every piece of Butcher Block.

Come check us out. We'll cut it, pack it, or pour it and give you an experience you won't forget.